Installing Apache Tomcat on Windows 7 x64

We’ve learned how to install tomcat 7 on linux and OS X. I will try to make a tutorial for installing tomcat 7 on Windows 7 this time. I’ve  done it and it works fine!

1) Go to

Under Core tab download .zip

It will be zip file and extract the zip to any directories of your pc.  Suppose you exacted it to desktop.

2) I have also install JDK .  ->

3) Open command prompt and go to  that directory .

>  cd C:\………….\Desktop\apache-tomcat-7.0.0

then access bin folder of apache-tomcat-7.0.0

> cd bin

then  just type startup.bat to start tomcat

> startup.bat

Tomcat  will start.  If you get any error message related to environment variable, then set an environment variable named JRE_HOME to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JRE  or you may also use the full JDK rather than just the JRE. In this case set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JDK.

How to change environment variable ?

  • right click on the «computer» icon
  • -> properties
  • -> Advanced system settings
  • under the tab  Advanced  there is an «environment variable» button ->Press it!
  • On the «User variables …. » tab press edit  -> variable name : JAVA_HOME    and   at Variable Value : select the path where java has been installed on your system  ( in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_29 )
  • Do the same with variable JRE_HOME

4) Open a new cmd window an do step 3 again

5)Now open your browser and type


Then you will see if everything is ok this page:

6) To stop tomcat.. type

>  shutdown.bat


P.S. I apologise for any mistakes in my English 🙂

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